Preserving Your Trophy For A Lifetime 
Trophy Care
Game Heads

• Do not shoot animal in head or neck area.
• Do not slit ear for tag.
• Do not slash throat.
• Do not drag animal long distances.
(wrap in tarp or use a cart)
• Do not hang by neck.
• Do not get fur wet.
• Do not hang for long period of time.
(sun & wind will dry eye lids, ears and nose)
• Do not cut brisket area.
• Head should have complete hide attached or
well behind the shoulders.
• Do not salt hide.
• Put head & hide in plastic bag and freeze.

• Birds with excessive pin feathers or badly shot up,
such as broken flight feather or wing bones make
poor mounts.
• Birds left out all day in warm weather may begin
to slip and lose feathers.
• Wipe off blood and smooth feathers.
• Put your trophy bird in a nylon sock.
(keeps feather from damage)
• Place in double plastic bag and freeze.
• Birds that will be in freezer for 6 months or more,
wrap beak & feet in wet paper towel and put head
under wing. Double plastic bag and freeze.
Full Body Mounts

• Small & medium mammals should not be gutted,
but brought to taxidermist immediately or frozen
whole, sealed in double plastic bag.
• Large animals such as bear, wolf, coyote should be
skinned immediately, as hair may begin to slip.
• Cut off carcass at ankles and wrists, leaving feet in skin.
• Leave skull in fur for future measurements.
Mount Care

• Dust your mounts frequently with feather or fleece
duster in direction of hair.
• Mounts with hair can be brushed with a soft dog brush.
• Mount with heavy hair can be cleaned with air compressor.
• Lemon furniture oil on antlers.
• Window cleaner on q-tip for glass eyes.
• Avoid placing mount above extreme heat source such as
a fireplace.
• Avoid placing mount near strong sun light.
• Tobacco smoke and grease smoke will rapidly yellow mount.
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